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Iris Joschko

The beauty of nature and animals fascinate me incredibly. They are indescribable feelings of happiness that I feel when I can look into a deserted expanse or see a wild animal. It is important that we all travel more responsibly so that many more people can experience the beauty of our planet! 2018. I finished my PhD in environmental psychology. Since then Zuri and I started enjoying the Beauty of Cycling and seeing the world from a different view. 



Australian Shepard in Norway in AutumnZuri is an Australian Shepard. She has been with me for four incredible years now. This is the greatest and most beautiful miracle I have experienced lately. Six months before my mother died of cancer, she was born in our house. When she was around 8 months of age she was also diagnosed with a brain tumour. The doctors said that they had never seen such a big thing in such a young dog and that there is no chance of a cure. They gave her a maximum of one year to live. How good that dogs do not understand a diagnosis or are discouraged by it. Almost three years later, she is still the happiest, friendliest and good-natured dog I know. When she was two years old, she was even run over by a car and after that she only had abrasions.

She shows me every day that life is full of joy, but you don’t know when it’s over and that I should spend it with something that fulfils me.

As she has been sitting so patiently at my desk for the past four years, I toured Europe by bicycle with her for five months in 2019 as a thank-you. Both of us enjoyed it so much that we went onto another journey in 2020 this time to Scotland.

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