Greece the Beauty (nature and landscape pictures)

Greece the Beauty (nature and landscape pictures)

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Discover beautiful nature and landscape pictures from Greece

One of the most rewarding gifts that a person can enjoy is to look at the beauty of nature. Our earth offers us extraordinaire views in order to remind us that beauty is a universal treasure that is worth to preserve.

Greece and the Greek islands are known for 3 things:

  1. ancient civilizations
  2. beautiful villages
  3. stunning landscapes

Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Greece was a culture like no other and modern society owes much to them. Many ancient temples, art, historical places and philosophical outpourings wouldn’t be there without. If you want to visit some of ancient temples the city of Athens, Thessaloniki or  Peloponnese are good places to go.

Beautiful Villages

Greece has many traditional and beautiful villages. The appearance of the villages differs greatly in the geographical location. For example, the villages in the Cyclades are famous for the white sugar houses, the villages in the Dodecanese have a medieval style, the villages on the mainland have darker colors, while many cities have beautiful neoclassical architecture.

Stunning Landscapes

Greece also has a lot to offer in terms of scenery.

Greece is world famous for its beautiful beaches. The most impressive beaches are in the Cyclades and the Ionian Islands. Every year the Greek beaches are among the most beautiful and cleanest in the world.

Less famous, but no less impressive, are the mountain landscapes of Greece. It is the third most mountainous country in Europe after Norway and Albania. 80 percent of the land mass is covered by mountains. These are to be found particularly in the inland. The Olympus, home of the Gods and Meteora, deserves special mention.

Mount Olympus

Olympus is home to the Gods and Zeus throne. The highest mountain of Mytikas is 2 917 m above sea level and can be reached with a six to seven hour hike. The walk is truly unforgettable. It is a steep walk sometimes but the feeling when looking down the clouds can be quite intense. Mount Olympus is the perfect destination for adventures and people who love nature.


Meteora is one of the other spectacular mountain areas. It is a rock formation in central Greece with one of the largest East Orthodox monastery complexes. 60 monks and nuns are still living on top of the rocks. Originally there were 24 monasteries where today there are only six left. All of them can be visited. Meteora is a visual feast for the soul! If you want a very welcoming host in Kastraki (Meteora) you can visit our friend Angelos who owns a little hostel right at the foot of the rocks.

Before I try to put beauty into further words, I’d rather let the pictures speak for themselves. In the following nature and landscape pictures, I like to give you a small insight into the beauty of the mountains of Greece, that I encountered on my travels. 

It is up to all of us to protect this fragile beauty of our earth.

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