Iceland the Beauty (nature and landscape pictures)
beautiful nature and landscape pictures of Iceland

Iceland the Beauty (nature and landscape pictures)

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Gallery with beautiful nature and landscape pictures from Iceland

One of the most rewarding gifts that a person can enjoy is to look at the beauty of nature. Our earth offers us extraordinaire views in order to remind us that beauty is a universal treasure that is worth to preserve.

The tiny Nordic island state is completely different from other countries in the world. No other country on earth seems so strange to us at first glance. It is a land that reveals the rawest and most active geological features of our planet. Iceland is indescribably beautiful. Because of its volcanic rock formations and deep glacial valleys, it is known as the “land of fire and ice“.

What exactly makes Iceland so unique?
  • The moon-like landscape
  • Hot, natural swimming pools in the great outdoors
  • The Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun
  • Quiet, traffic-free streets
  • Everything is magical, pure and wild
  • It’s still an active volcanic island
  • Home to thousands of charming and epic waterfalls
  • Europe’s largest ice cap
  • Ice caves in glaciers
  • Geysers
  • Black and white beaches

But its best to just let the following nature and landscape pictures speak for themselves. They show an insight into the beauty of Iceland, which I encountered on my journey.

It is up to all of us to protect this fragile beauty of our earth.


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