Tibet the Beauty (nature and landscape pictures)
beautiful nature and landscape pictures of Tibet

Tibet the Beauty (nature and landscape pictures)

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Discover beautiful nature and landscape pictures from Tibet

One of the most rewarding gifts that a person can enjoy is to look at the beauty of nature. Our earth offers us extraordinaire views in order to remind us that beauty is a universal treasure that is worth to preserve.

Tibet itself is home to several of the world’s highest peaks and is not called the roof of the world for nothing. It lies on average on over 4 500 m. This makes the air you breathe always fresh and thin. But the landscape itself is dramatic as well and yet it radiates an unbelievable peace. You will hardly see a landscape like this anywhere else in the world. 

What makes Tibet so incredibly beautiful?

For me it is

  • the many snow-capped mountains
  • zigzag highways, which make their way through high passes draped with colourful prayer flags
  • unbelievably beautiful glittering turquoise lakes in the shade of millennia-old glaciers
  • and at the same time an unbelievable vastness that conveys a feeling of freedom.

Landscapes as stunning as these amaze even the most experienced travellers.

In addition to breathtaking landscapes, Tibet also offers a vibrant culture of Buddhism and incredibly generous and warm people. Visiting temples and meditation caves can easily lead you to put aside the distractions of everyday life and helps you to listen to the voice of your heart.

But pictures say more than a thousand words. Therefore I would like to give you in the following nature and landscape pictures a small insight into the beauty of Tibet, which I encountered on my travels. 

It is up to all of us to protect this fragile beauty of our earth.

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