Here are the Komoot maps of my 2019 cycling trip in Europe through Germany with my dog Zuri 2019.

Collection Bicycle Tour on an E-Bike with my Dog 2019 Germany

Our cycling trip with an e-bike began in northern Hesse. From there we cycled to the train station in Gießen and then took the train to Mainz. From there we took the Rhine cycle path south. We made a detour to Strasbourg and Freiburg. However, I have not yet navigated completely with Komoot, which is why the tours are very incomplete as far as Basel.

Here is the collection of all the routes I cycled through Germany with my e-bike and dog Zuri in 2019. The part south along the Rhine cycle path took place in April 2019 and the part from Dresden to the west back in September 2019.


Videos E-bike Tour with my Dog through Europe 2019 – Final Stages September Germany :

Below are the individual stages of the e-bike tour with my dog through the east of Germany with the corresponding YouTube videos.

Video E-bike Tour with my Dog Europe 2019 – Final Stage Germany 1

After a restful night in a bed, my dog Zuri and I set off on our e-bike in the direction of Dresden. We follow the Elbe cycle path to Meißen and then continue to Leipzig and Halle. We have a few encounters where the generosity of strangers once again surprises me! 🙂

Video E-bike Tour with my Dog through Europe 2019 – Final Stage Germany 2

After a restful night in Halle, we continue towards Nordhausen. The sun is shining and my dog Zuri and I are spoiled by 26 degrees in late autumn. Unfortunately, there is one construction site after another on our way, which makes cycling much more difficult. In Nordhausen we stay at a campsite to charge all the batteries for the next day. From Nordhausen we head for Kassel. It pours all day and Zuri and I are soaking wet and soaked when we arrive in Kassel. We visit Mauer’s Baikschopp for a coffee, who assembled my bike for me last minute before the trip. After a restful night in a friend’s flat, we set off on the last leg home after almost 7000 km on the road by bike.

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