Holiday with your dog in Scandinavia
Australian Shepard in Norway

Holiday with your dog in Scandinavia

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What do consider when you want to go on a holiday with your dog in Scandinavia.

In this article, I will tell you all about entry requirements and other useful tips you need to know about travelling with 4 paws.

If you have a little dog at home, like me, that you are not willing to leave behind, Sweden, Finland or Norway are the ideal countries for your next holiday. There you will find endless forests, extensive beaches, and varied nature.

Australian Shepard in Norway
Zuri and I at the Lofoten in Norway

In order to save you some extensive google search, I put all the information together, in a most concise summary.

Forbidden Breeds

In Norway, the following breeds are forbidden:

  • Pitbull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Tosa Inu
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brasiliero
  • Tschechischer Wolfshund
  • crosses of previously mentioned and
  • mixtures of dog and wolf

If your dog resembles one of these breeds, bring along the pedigree of your pet.

Before your go: vaccination and possibly deworming (as of 2018)

The dog must be chipped like in the other European countries. Tattoos are valid only if they took place before 2011 and are legible. In addition, the blue EU pet passport must be carried. Very important is also a valid vaccination against rabies (if it needs to be made new, it should be done at least 3 weeks before arrival). The Scandinavians are really picky about that.

Norway and Finland: Very important in Norway and Finland is deworming, (against tapeworms) at least 24 hours and max. 120 hours prior to entry. It must be confirmed by a veterinarian with a stamp in the pet passport. In Finland, deworming is not necessary if the dog is travelling directly from England, Ireland, Norway or Malta. Alternatively, the 28-day rule applies in both countries, stating that the dog must have been dewormed at least 2x 28 days prior to entry.


All ferries usually carry dogs. However, there are differences in the providers. For most ferries to Norway, the dog must stay in the car or in a self-brought transport box. At Stena Line I had my own dog room from Germany to Sweden all by myself without any extra costs, but the dog was not allowed to leave during the trip. On the way from Sweden to Finland (with Viking Line) I had a sleeping cabin where my dog Zuri could sleep right next to me. She was also allowed to go on deck with a leash, so that we could enjoy the sunset together.

Australian Shepard in Norway
Zuri at a Glacier in Norway

When entering be sure that you don’t drive through the green line. You need to stop at the red area. There you sign up with your pet’s passport and your own. Your dog doesn’t need to come with you. When I first arrived in Sweden I did not know that I had to go into the red zone and I was surprised not to have been checked somewhere.

Special feature for Sweden: In the meantime, you can simply register your dog in advance online and then just drive through the green area.

During your trip

Traveling in Sweden: In general, Sweden is very dog-friendly and most campsites have nothing against dogs. However, there are some places you can not take your dog with you. These include: grocery stores, many beaches, restaurants and pubs. For Stockholm you can find many restaurans and other places where you can take your dog with you. From March 1 to August 20, dogs need to be kept on leash. In cities, it is usually year-round.

Australian Shepard in Norway
having fun

Traveling in Finland: In Finland, you can usually bring your dog to campsites as well as holiday homes or pensions. Only in restaurants and cafes they are usually not allowed. In Finland, leashes , from 1 March to 19 August. Within villages and walking paths, a leash is compulsory all year round. Especially in Lapland, you should keep your dog on the leash, as there are many reindeer breeding areas. The animals can walk around freely there, but they have an owner,and he is allowed to shoot dogs, which are hunting his reindeer.

Traveling in Norway: Norway has no clear rules on where dogs are allowed or not allowed. However, they are not allowed in most restaurants and shops. Dogs can usually be taken with the public transport and usually cost the price of a children’s ticket. However, some bus companies have outlawed dogs on the bus out of consideration for allergy sufferers. Therefore it is important to check with the local public transport company before going on a hike where you want to come back by bus, if dogs are allowed. In trains, dogs are allowed in general. The dog usually costs the price of a children’s ticket. However, there are only a limited number of places in specially marked areas so check in advance. From 01. April – 20. August leashes are mandatory.ory.

Australian Shepard in Norway
Zuri in Sweden

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