Cycling through Croatia – best pictures

Cycling through Croatia – best pictures

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After Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia I went on to Croatia by bike and with my dog Zuri. I had already heard all kinds of nice things about Croatia. Officially there should even be a EuroVelo bicycle route from north to south. Unfortunately cycling in Croatia was anything but easy. It was July and high season. On the coastal road, which unfortunately wasn’t a cycle track after all, hundreds of cars, buses and trucks overtook me every day. Riding a bike here was very strenuous and dangerous. But the coast is beautiful! Especially the blue of the sea amazed me daily. But I was a little shocked by the prices on the spot. Despite a very low income of the inhabitants, camping sites, food or even a cappucino often cost much more than in Germany. So I continue to sleep further outdoors in the nature.

The individual stages are also available as videos on  YouTube

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