The following are the Komoot maps of my cycling trip through Austria with my dog Zuri 2019.

My dog Zuri and I cycled through Austria for only 2 days. We rode the EuroVelo 6 from Bratislava to Vienna. From Vienna we followed the GreenWays Praha-Vienna to Prague. This also has identical sections with EuroVelo 9 and EuroVelo 13 and also leads through the Czech National Park Podyji.

Collection E-Bike Tour with my dog through Austria

Here is the collection of all the routes I cycled through Austria with my e-bike and my dog Zuri in 2019.

Individual stages of the E-Bike Tour with my dog through Austria

From Orth an der Donau we continue on EuroVelo 6 (EV 6) to Vienna, from there my dog Zuri and I continue on the GreenWays, which connects Vienna with Prague. This is also the EuroVelo 9 and EuroVelo 13 in parts. In the Czech Republic, we cycle through the Podyji National Park. This is designated as a long-distance cycle route, but I really reached my limits here even with my e-bike. The paths are just to steep for luggage and a dog trailer…

Video E-bike tour Europe with my dog 2019 – stage Austria:

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